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Selected Poems of John Kitching

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I love Geography.

Other people, other places,
Different customs, different faces,
Drought and desert, field and plain,
Snow and ice and monsoon rain,
Volcanoes, glaciers,
Bubbling springs,
Clouds and rainbows,
Countless things.

Stars and planets, distant space,
Whatever's ugly, full of grace.

Seas and rivers,
Cliffs and caves,
The wonderous ways this world behaves.

So much to learn; so much to know;
And so much farther still to go.

[Listen to the poem Geography.]


Is more than dusty, rusty pages
About crooked princes, queens and kings,
Or victims chained in cold and cruel prison cages.

Is more than the mystery
Of wars, other mighty causes
And painful causes
For great black plagues and fires.

Is also your small yesterday and mine.
It is our own comic and our curious.
It is what made us small folk
Fearful, fierce or furious.

Is the blended thread
That binds the living to the dead.

[Listen to the poem History.]

One Parent Family

I wish that I had more than just
A weekend dad, a dad who shakes
The dust of Sunday from his feet
And makes his short drive home
When we've been sourly dumped
At mother's peeling five-day door.
It isn't only childish greed
That makes me want my father more.


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