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vale of tears (valley of tears)

- a place of trials and troubles, life on earth, this mortal coil

Brothers and sisters, our burden is heavy tonight - heavy with the passing of dear Jesse, who has departed this vale of tears.


- leave quickly, go, get going, hit the road

We better vamoose, my friend, or we'll be late for our appointment.

variety is the spice of life

- a variety of experiences makes life interesting, to each his own

On the sign above the door were these words: GENERAL STORE Variety is the spice of life!

vegetate (veg out)

- not do anything, be a couch potato

After work he just vegetates - just sits there and says nothing.

very well

- agreed, all right

Very well, if you want to go I will go with you.

vicious circle

- unbroken sequence of cause and effect with bad results

He had fallen into a vicious circle of drinking too much and then losing his job and then drinking even more.


- Very Important Person, big boys, big wig

Only the VIP's - the president, and members of the board - are invited to the dinner.

virgin territory

- untouched or unexplored area

The island was virgin territory. There were no signs of humans.

virtual reality

- a "real" experience created on a computer

Virtual reality allowed me to experience space travel.

visit a spell

- visit for awhile, set a spell

Well hello, Charlie. Come in and visit a spell.

vote down

- defeat in a vote

The proposal to extend the opening hours of bars was voted down in the election.

vote of thanks

- an expression of thanks from a group, tip of the hat

When our president spoke, she gave a vote of thanks to the volunteers.