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- a lot of talk about little things

We spent the whole evening in a yakety-yak session at my friends.


- operating all year

We usually spend all summer at a year-round resort in California.


- extremely timid, cowardly

He is a yellow-bellied person who is not good to have as a friend.

yellow streak

- cowardice in a person's character

He has a real yellow streak and will not say anything to defend his friends.


- a person who tries to be liked by agreeing with everything said (especially by a boss)

He is a yes-man who will do anything that his boss asks him to do.

you bet/you bet your boots/you bet your life

- most certainly, yes, without any doubt

You bet your life I will be attending the conference next year.

you don't say

- used to show surprise at what is said

"You don't say", he said when he heard about the accident on the highway.

you said it/you can say that again

- used to show strong agreement with what another person has said

"You can say that again," I answered when the woman mentioned how hot it was out in the sun.

you're telling me

- used to show that a thing is so clear that it need not be said

"This restaurant is very expensive and the food is not so good."
"You're telling me."

You tell'em

- used to agree with or encourage someone in what they are saying

"You tell'em," I yelled out to the politician who was making the speech.